The Advanced Technology like Hardware and Software

Eduro Technologies, Inc. provides solutions to our customers that result in improved business benefit and return on investment in technology. We offer the most advanced technology, hardware and software, along with the services that turn products into solutions. Our experience is gained through developing solutions for customers.

We have made a decision to not lock ourselves into quotas and technologies with large software companies simply to make profits, rather we analyze a problem and offer the best solution using the appropriate software and hardware.

Bottom Line: This means you get a quick, working solution that’s right for your business and budget.

3D Printers

3D printing has heralded the start of a new industrial revolution. Item production can now be completed through this new additive manufacturing process which lowers overheads and allows for individual customization. The advent of 3D printing has ensured that economies of scale are becoming increasing irrelevant and that production line assembly is no longer required to maintain low construction costs. Appropriate for both industrial and more recently consumer use their applications can range from creating individual items or prototype parts to full-scale mass production. Rapid technological advancements within the field have further increased the application of 3D printers as the capabilities to use newer materials such as production-grade plastics and metals increase. In addition, surplus materials often generated through traditional manufacturing methods are minimized through the 3D printing process. The potential to individually design parts digitally and then print them in the quantities needed allows both businesses and individuals further flexibility and the opportunity to tailor items as required.

TV Antennas

Television image quality will only ever be as good as the quality of the antenna receiving the signal it displays. Whilst customers are often quick to spend unreservedly on expensive, high resolution television sets the shrewd buyer supports this technology with the purchase of a top quality antenna to match. By doing so customers will consequently be able to use the full capabilities of their hardware. It seems simple and obvious and yet it is a commonly overlooked factor. With the recent switch over to all digital transmissions in many countries this requirement has only increased in importance as compatibility issues with older antennas have arisen. Installation of a superior contemporary antenna will prove to be an investment which will future-proof the home television setup and will secure maximum quality services for the foreseeable future. There are local experts available who can advise with both the individual needs and specifications required and complete a full antenna installation on location.

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