Server Collocation Services


Eduro’s Server Collocation Servers puts your Internet Servers directly on the Eduro backbone, greatly simplifying access, and eliminating the use of your company Internet bandwidth to satisfy web server requirements. Eduro’s secure facilities are fully equipped with controlled physical environment and uninterruptible power capability.

Network Diagram

Eduro can support any rack-mounted or tower configuration servers. Standard configuration of 1 static IP address provided.

Network Infrastructure
Eduro’s Technologies current infrastructure supports two independent SONET rings with wireless backhaul to access multiple Tier 1 Internet Service Provider networks, greatly reducing the possibility of a total loss of service. Eduro Technologies is the premiere Internet Service Provider in Frederick, Maryland and offers affordable, reliable, high speed Internet service using multiple technologies.

1 standard Rack Unit $100/mo.
4 standard Rack Units $200/mo.
Standard Tower $150/mo.