Octavo Designs
Octavo Designs is an award winning graphic design firm and strategic partner
with Eduro. Octavo is located just a few blocks away and provides Eduro with
commercial grade graphical front-ends to the web sites we generate for our
DoubleRadius, Inc. is a national equipment supplier and solution provider that leverages the strengths of the world’s leading computer and networking manufacturers. We are a national leader in innovative IT equipment to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of all businesses. DoubleRadius, Inc. has evolved as a result of the ever-changing telecommunications industry. We have grown to offer many different services that include consultation, voice, data, wireless, and equipment financing to increase your company’s position in the marketplace.
Arbitor Inc. Consultancy:
Arbitor, Inc. is a telecommunications and information technology consulting firm specializing in product development, product management, telecom/data carrier operations, data processing operations, private data networking solutions, custom business case development, ROI analysis, business development, sales development, project engineering, sales engineering, and industry econometric analysis. We can also provide expert testimony for telecommunications asset valuation analysis or acquisition/merger due diligence proceedings.

Technology expertise includes SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, DWDM, LMDS fixed wireless, Private IP-VPN, WAN transport, WISP, and IT DB application development.