Remote Backup

Customer Benefits:

  • Convenient, Reliable, Fast and Secure
  • Cost Effective
  • Instantly Off Site
  • Simplified Management
  • No Capital Expense Required

Standard Service Features:

  • Automated Scheduling
  • Multiple Encryption Levels
  • Multiple Security Levels
  • Data Backs Up Instantly Off Site
  • Quick Restore Available Anytime
  • Detailed Audit Trail Generated On Every Backup
  • Service Can Also Back Up Open Files

Optional Features:

  • Customized Disaster Recovery Plan Development
  • Disaster Recovery Space and Equipment Availability
  • Data Storage Consultation and Design Services

Service Overview:
Securing your mission critical data is a primary concern for every business. Eduro offers reliable, secure, automated backup and recovery services to its customers to make the data backup and disaster recovery function simple, convenient and foolproof. Our system-driven methodology assures fail-safe backup solutions that exceeds customer expectations and assures recovery at the time of data loss or destruction. By utilizing best of breed software, bandwidth and a world-class data center, Eduro delivers highly available backup and recovery services over the Internet or VPN’s that obsolete traditional tape backup and off-site data storage.

Simple Management and Administration
Manage all backup operations for local and remote servers from one centralized administrator. Schedule desired retention copies with ease, eliminating the need for tape labeling and indexing. Redistribute valuable IT personnel to more focused strategic projects.

Incremental Data Storage Processing
Your backup window is dramatically reduced utilizing our patented software’s technology, “delta processing”. First, the “deltized” data is compressed minimizing transmission time and storage space saving you time and resources. Secondly, the delta processing backs-up changed files down to the bit level, so you are not backing up the entire file, only the portions that have changed since the last backup consequently only backing up data that was changed – Not files of data Changed!

Data Security and Privacy
Data is stored using encryption and your account is protected by your personal security code, assuring you complete security and privacy. No one will have your security code but you and without the security code, no one can read the data. You have 6 levels of encryption to choose to insure data is safe while in transport and while store at the mass storage vault as well.