Residential Internet Access Services

Eduro Technologies’ EduroStream Residential Internet Access (RIA) is a flexible, broadband connection to the Internet using wireless Ethernet as the underlying transport technology. It is a simple and cost effective way to receive broadband Internet access to the home. Eduro Technologies’ network connects your home to the Internet through Tier 1 Internet service providers. Bandwidth offering is 512 Kbps, burstable to the line capacity of 2 Mbps, subject to network loading.

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Greater Bandwidth Flexibility
Traditional private line technologies for Internet Access are less flexible with regard to bandwidth, and cable technologies provide less capability. EduroStreamSM RIA allows customers to buy only what they need, with an always-on connection.

Fast Provisioning
Eduro Technologies does not depend on third parties to provision services for it’s customers and is able to fully control the project from contract to turn-up. As a result, Eduro Technologies offers attractive Service Level Agreement for installation and upgrades to existing services.

Eduro Technologies has deployed a low latency/packet loss transport network connected to Tier 1 Internet Access carriers with best-in-class IP backbones.


Customer site interface a standard IEEE 10/100BaseTX Ethernet port
Internet Access bandwidth of 512 Kbps, burstable to 2 Mbps
Single Frederick-based Customer Service Contact and network monitoring
Eduro Technologies-furnished and managed transport CPE
E-mail accounts