About Network Consulting & Support

Customer Benefits:

  • Expert Network Resource Available Locally
  • Reduced Payroll Expense
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable Consultants Available On Call
  • Discounted Block Time Agreements Available
  • Regular Reporting and Project Control
  • Detailed Written Estimates Given

Standard Service Offerings:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Network Design, Development and Support
  • Network Security Policy Design and Support
  • Help Desk Support
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) and Remote Access Design,
    Implementation, & Support
  • Hardware/Software Consulting, Implementation and Support


Service Overview:

Eduro supports small to medium sized businesses’ custom IT needs, supporting or replacing full time IT staffing. Unlike larger regional or national IT support services, Eduro is your local support staff. Your expert support representative has a name and direct telephone number. No more waiting in automated telephone queues, eventually speaking to someone who may not understand your specific implementation. In short, you want someone who knows your business needs and doesn’t need to be re-educated in your implementation on every trouble call. Big company local support for a part-time price! Eduro offers several ways to utilize the services, ranging from on-demand events to regularly scheduled services.


LAN Network Design, Development and Support

Eduro’s IT professionals can design a company’s local area network (LAN) according to industry best practices and to suit specific custom requirements. Eduro can provide equipment and software purchase consulting as well as installation when the equipment arrives. Eduro fully documents implementation and can provide on-call assistance whenever there is a problem or to implement changes where necessary by changing customer business requirements such as adding or changing employees.


Network Security Policy Design and Maintenance

The news is full of stories about the need to be vigilant when it comes to network security issues. Small to medium sized companies often face the challenge of inadequate internal resources to support the ongoing needs of maintaining network security. In today’s environment, network security lapses can destroy a small business in a very short time. Eduro’s experts can design/document your company network security policies as well as install the necessary protective measures. Don’t be a statistic when the next network exploit occurs.


Help Desk Support

Help desk support is often a luxury for small businesses, as it is typically needed for all of the hours that a business operates, and the internal IT staff is already fully utilized. That leaves a common need for the internal staff to prioritize work, leaving some things undone and creating an unhappy internal user community. Eduro’s expert local staff can provide the extra support needed to make sure all user needs are met, whether directly addressing the user’s needs on the phone or providing needed triage for internal IT staff action. Either way, it frees up internal resources to better work your business requirements. Eduro can also document service levels for customer planning purposes.

WAN and Remote Access Design, Implementation, & Support

Today’s small companies often have a need to implement links between multiple sites, whether different office locations which need access to shared data or simply enabling employees to remotely access the network for remote work or when traveling. Internal IT staff may need some expert assistance to design the best approach which incorporates network design, security policies, and flexibility. Eduro can design/implement an approach which best suits the needs of your firm as well as maintain it. Eduro’s extensive Internet and telecommunications expertise will enable cost effective solutions which may not be known to your internal team.


Hardware/Software Consulting, Implementation & Support
In small firms, hardware and software installation and maintenance has become a large burden which detracts from their ability to conduct business. In fact, software security and update patches have become such an issue, that large firms have dedicated staffing to do nothing but that one mission-critical task. Smaller companies have historically neglected that task, endangering their firms. The dangers of incorporating the Internet into company networks are the same whether small or large firm. Eduro can provide this as an ongoing service, and arrange to manage the interface with national providers of equipment. Any small business who has waited through a help desk queue to find that they didn’t have the right information for service, will appreciate having an expert doing this as needed.